Knowledge sharing.

GoGemba is an online knowledge sharing service, which makes knowledge sharing across departments and locations easy, secure and beautiful.


Daily backups.

In the cloud

Always available.
No updates.


With your organisation.
With the world (or keep it private).

Add new article

Brings up a new empty article.


Live search finds what you need in a jiffy.

Edit article

Takes you to the WYSIWYG-editor.


Create groups and structure/arrange the articles into these.


Star frequently used articles for even faster access.

Info pane

Invoke the info pane. It reveals all sorts of meta-data for the current article.

Lock/unlock article

Shows wether an article is locked for changes, or free to edit/improve.


Add categories for each group to group articles with similar topics.

Military-grade security

Security is a priority for us. Your password will be hashed with Blowfish secure algorithm and a range of other enhancements.
We take corresponding steps towards protecting the information you keep within the app. All articles are for instance encrypted with the AES-256 secure algorithm.


The app is build around the principial of sharing. That’s why you can choose to make an article “public*”, “for all” or restrict the access to a few selected people.

The availability status is clearly marked with a banner in the top right corner of each article.

* Only people with the specific link can view the article.

Easy-to-use editor

It’s dead simple to compose and edit articles, with the minimalistic easy-to-use WYSIWYG-editor.

It features auto-save, ensuring you don’t risk loosing any work.

Structure your knowledge for easy access

Create sections for - for instance - each department or knowledge area.

This will help structure your knowledge library, and make it even easier to locate the information you need.

You may also restrict or grant access for a specific group of users. The people in the marketing department might not need to have access to financial articles, or the tech department articles.

Knowledge sharing. Simplified.

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